EFH, Rüedi, Serneus 2016-2017

Residential and commercial building Rüedi

The house has a spacious living area, as well as a my architecture office and a yoga studio.
The house was built in solid construction and specially adapted to the nearby national road in the area of noise and dust emissions. This was achieved with high-quality insulation materials and special details in the base and roof areas. A controlled ventilation system was installed. The house has a building automation system (smart home) from Digital Strom.

The interior was planned by very detailed and the woods spruce and oak run through the interior.
The kitchen with dining room and living room was designed completely open and is unusually located on the top floor so that the view is not disturbed by anything.

Riedus holiday camp

Riedhus holiday camp - Klosters-Laret

The Riedhus holiday home, which is already very outdated and offers groups and classes unique holiday experiences in our region, no longer meets today's requirements for such accommodation. Therefore, a new chalet-style building is being constructed. The owners want the comfort and energy efficiency of the new house to meet more than just today's requirements.

A large lounge with a comfortable kitchen, a sauna, 6 shared rooms and a single room are planned.

Completion is planned for the 2019/20 winter season.

Höfli semi-detached house

Newly built semi-detached house Höfji - Serneus

A semi-detached house divided in the middle, in the basement a complete solid construction with external insulation, above it a timber construction with knitted formwork.

All the technical equipment, apart from the hot water, is housed in a common technical room. The garages at the side have sufficient storage space for the families. The connection of this garage was realised as a balcony so that the entrance area is also covered.

The western part of the house also has an attic with a dormer window.
The floor plans were adapted to the individual requirements of the owners on both sides.

Exterior photos follow... .

EFH, Flütsch/Kollegger, Saas 2017

One-family house with a 2 room granny flat in Saas. The house was built in solid construction with plastered external thermal insulation and partly ventilated façade with wooden boarding. The wooden boarding is reused from the demolished barn on the property.

The entire external roof construction is made of burnt spruce wood. The house is located in hazard zone 2 (wet avalanches). There was an old stable on the property from which some of the old wood is used on and in the house.

Start of construction is spring 2107, occupation December 2017

Exterior photos follow....

New buildings detached house Soler

New buildings single-family house Soler - Serneus

The base plate and rear walls were built solidly, the rest of the structure was built entirely in wood.
The owner, a skilled carpenter, designed the house and the interior himself with our support. Inside, many beautiful woodworks have been created.

EFH, Dönz, Luzein 2015

6 room detached house with an attached garage and seating area. The house was built in solid construction with plastered exterior thermal insulation.

DEFH, Jecklin, Saas 2015

Double family house with 6.5 rooms in each part. The house is of solid construction with plastered external thermal insulation and partly ventilated façade with wooden cladding. The residents share the technical room and the laundry room. The house is in danger zone 2 (wet avalanches). Due to the avalanche danger, various structural measures were taken: special glazing on the ground floor, avalanche protection wall on the east side and an annex-like porch on the west side.

EFH, Wohlgemuth, Grüsch 2015-2016

5 room detached house with double garage. The house was built in solid construction with plastered exterior thermal insulation. The house was built together with the Meier house (see site management) on a large plot which was later divided. The houses share a technical room with the heating and the forecourt.